Vuze XR Camera Review – Best 3D VR Video Camera

Vuze XR Camera Review – Best 3D VR Video Camera

360-degree video capturing has given birth to a new paradigm when it comes to videos. There are very few 360-degree capturing cameras that can provide you with an adequate view. When looking for one that can allow you to live stream as well, the cameras that provide you with an optimum quality feed are pretty limited.

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We will today make it easy for you to choose one such camera. Our review today will cover the details of the Vuze XR Camera. Our Vuze XR Camera review will go into its details, features, and specifications. We will also provide you with the pros and cons to give you a holistic view of this camera. Without any delay, let us now start with our review.


  • Excellent resolution
  • Dual camera
  • Easy to operate
  • Software in-app access
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Compatible with VR headsets
  • Comes with accessories


  • Has a learning curve

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Build Quality

One thing that you cannot ignore about this camera is its aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you look at the form factor or the rounded corners, its cord design is much better than many other cameras that you can find.

Of course, if you’re going to compare it with the go pro, there are quite a few differences. However, when it comes to handheld cameras, this one stands out.

Did you know that it consists of 2 cameras?

vuze xr vr 180 feature

Both the cameras can flip out easily. They point in the same direction in most cases. As a result, capturing a 360-degree view becomes easier for this camera.

One thing that you cannot ignore about this camera is that it has a unique button placement. It takes some time to understand the button placements. However, once you are familiar with the controls and the buttons, it is pretty easy to operate.

An added advantage of this camera is that it comes with smartphone compatibility. Consequently, operating it from your smartphone is going to be easy.

As for the controls, the recording button in itself is not an issue. It is large and at the front. Moreover, the easily accessible button means that you can start the recording in a single click.

In total, you get the buttons on offer. The on/off button, the button to flip out the lenses, and the Wi-Fi button.

The on/off button, as the name suggests, is for turning on and off the camera. Additionally, the quick press will also help you switch between capturing still pictures and videos as well. There is an indicator light for the current operating mode.

The Wi-Fi button allows you to connect it with the pre-saved networks. Similarly, the button to pop out the lenses is easy to access as well. You just need to remember the functions of buttons.

The placement of the microSD card slot and the USB port, however, is a bit unconventional. These will take some time to get used to. These are at the bottom of the handle.

The wrist strap comes along with it to use it easily.

vuze xr camera with strap

In a nutshell, when you look at the build quality and design, you will realize that while the build quality is superior, it takes some time to get used to the design. However, once you get used to the design, the unconventional placement of the USB-C port and the microSD card slot will not hamper your use.


One thing that stands out about the Vuze XR Ultimate Kit is that it consists of two cameras in the same fixture. That is what makes 360-degree recording possible.

When you look at the feed of this camera, it can operate pretty well in low light conditions. The feed, in a nutshell, is similar to what you would see with your naked eyes.

The only bit of improvement which it needs is that it does not provide options for shot customization. The app also lacks the same. The point-and-shoot approach of this camera is excellent.

Are you wondering about the quality of 360-degree feed?

vuze xr tell your story from any angle with dual camera

Well, considering the price range, the 360-degree feed is pretty excellent. However, it might not be perfect for professional film making. If you make clips or movies casually, it will provide you with a good enough feed.

A feature that you cannot ignore about this camera is its stabilization. It eliminates the effects of most of the bumps and shakes. However, the 6-axis video stabilization does not work 100% efficiently. You can use it during driving and walking. However, you cannot expect it to eliminate 100% bumps and shakes during high action sports.

When it comes to the 3-D form, it allows you to curate the feed easily using the Vuze software. It is available in the form of an app as well. You can easily opt for the 180-degree view or the 360-degree view. The camera also allows you to upload straight to Facebook and YouTube. If you want to view the feed in Oculus Go or Google Daydream, that is also possible.

The 5.7 K resolution of the camera ensures that the feed’s quality is not going to be a problem. Moreover, the stitching feature of the 3-D feed is seamless. You need not see any distortion. Whichever device or platform you view the feed on, you will get excellent output.

While the stabilization could have been better, but the camera does not disappoint when it comes to the 3-D feed.


The camera also offers numerous connectivity options. As we stated above, it consists of a micro SD card slot. You can easily remove the microSD card slot and get the output using an SD card reader.

In addition to that, the camera also offers a USB-C port. The advantage of USB-C port is that connecting it with a laptop or a computer is going to be easy. Consequently, extracting the files using that is not going to be a problem.

You can also connect it directly to oculus go or other VR headsets. With the help of these VR headsets, viewing the 360-degree output is going to be easy. The connectivity, as well as the playback, is seamless. You need not struggle around with it.

Moreover, it comes with its app, as well. The app ensures that you can view not only the feed but edit it as well.

Similarly, the Vuze VR Studio software allows you to edit the feed on the PC.

With so many connectivity options, you can be sure that getting the feed or the video is not going to be an issue.

Customization options

vuze xr instructional image

Of course, when you’re buying a 360-degree capturing camera, you would want to customize it according to your requirement. There is a settings menu to adjust various aspects of the camera. These include:


The resolution determines the size of the feed. The resolution will also determine the details captured. With the maximum resolution of 5.7 K, you can be sure that clarity and detail reproduction is not going to be an issue.

Stitching mechanism

Do you want a camera to stitch the feed on its own?

If yes, you need to go with the camera stitching feature. Otherwise, you can select the higher resolution feature. In the higher resolution feature, you will get the raw feed. You can stitch it yourself using the desktop software that works on Windows and Mac OS. The default mode is the higher resolution mode. Therefore, if you directly want to get 360-degree feed, you have to change it through the settings.

GPS settings

The camera also offers you an inbuilt GPS. You can turn it on if you want to incorporate your location in the video feed.

Live stream settings

Do you plan to use the camera for live streaming?

If yes, it has feed customization settings for that as well.

With the settings’ help, customizing the performance of the camera is not going to be an issue. In fact, you can tailor-make its feed output with the help of the settings.

Software Interface

No review of Vuze XR Camera can be complete without taking into account its software Interface. After all, the final feed would be dependent on the software interface and the options which it provides. The software can facilitate a lot of edits.

The most significant edit which it can provide is stitching the feed the frame by frame. You can do so manually to get the exact feed you want.

Additionally, it allows you to flip the video. You can flip it upside down. The way it allows you to place the starting point at the Centre. It changes the entire 360-degree feed. You can easily replace the Vuze logo from the feed if you wish to do so.

In case you want to change the aspect ratio of the video to help it look more traditional, it offers you that as well. While it provides you with some revision options but it does not cover all.

Not happy with the image stabilization?

The software also offers you two choices. You can choose between basic stabilization and auto stabilization with respect to the horizon. It means that even if the traditional camera stabilization is not up to the mark, you have the chance to fix it and improve the video.

In the software, you will also find the option to match colors between two lenses, which allows you to integrate the feed in a much better way.

When you look at the interface of the software, it is pretty easy to understand. Still, if you need a hand-holding tutorial, you can find that online.

In a nutshell, we would say that the software is pretty powerful for a 360-degree camera. It allows you to make all the necessary modifications. It checks all the necessary boxes.


vuze xr resolution

The software would not be able to do much if the image and the video quality of the camera are not up to the mark. That is why looking at the same is pretty essential before making the buying decision.

The camera comes with two 12 megapixel sensors. Also, there are 210-degree fisheye lenses as well. There are two such fisheye lenses. Also, the resolution at which it can capture video is 5.7 K.

When you look at the shutter speed, it varies between 1/3 and 1/10,000.

As we stated above, the camera has an inbuilt stitching feature as well. The stitches are visible or on the close by objects. If you’re shooting from a distance, you will not have to worry about visible stitches.

As for the sharpness, it falls only slightly towards the edges. Only if you observe the feed carefully, you will notice it.

When you’re capturing the 180-degree view, most of these kinks are eliminated. Also, feeding this 180-degree view to the VR headset ensures that you get a complete 3-D view. However, when you switch a 180-degree view to a 3-D view in VR headset, the feed is not excellent.

Comparing the feed quality with the other 360-degree cameras available will make it clear that while it does not offer something special, but it does not disappoint either. When you couple that with the software and the features, it certainly has a distinct advantage over others when it comes to the output feed quality.

What comes along with Vuze XR Camera?

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  • Camera
  • SD card
  • Magic Selfie Stick

The advantage of buying the kit is that you need not opt for any other accessories. You can start using it right away. Also, since you get the accessories at no extra cost, it is a win-win situation.


The Vuze XR Camera scores in numerous departments. With excellent 360-degree capturing and numerous post-editing features, it allows you to get the output that you want. Also, you can customize the stitching features as well, which makes the output suitable for VR headsets as well. Since you get a few accessories along with it as well, using it is quite easy. When you compare it with other 360-degree video capturing cameras, it outscores them in many departments. We would definitely recommend it. You can buy it from Maheer Cart by Clicking Here!

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